Edward Rodmell and Marilane Guardascione Con-artists in London
Edward Rodmell and Marilane Guardascione

The Metropolitan Police recently reported on two Con-artists that have been jailed for a total of 15 years, following a spate of burglaries selectively against elderly victims across Islington, Lewisham and Southwark. 39 year old Edward James Rodmell, unemployed, of Westmoreland Road, Southwark and Italian national, 24 year old Marilane Guardascione, of no fixed abode, were sentenced on Thursday 21 August at Southwark Crown Court.

For the duos 26 crimes occurring between November 2013 and February 2014, Guardascione has been sentenced to 5 years imprisonment and Rodmell, 10 years. The 2 criminals had posed as various officials so that they could trick their victims and gain entry to their homes. They had impersonated Police Officials and members of the Water board. Rodmell would search the home of the owner for any valuables whilst Guardascione kept the elderly person distracted by talking to them on the door step. Collectively, over £5,000 worth of handbags and jewellery had been stolen and a total of £2,076 in cash. Their eldest victim being a 100 year old woman from Southwark.

Some of their attempts to gain entry to homes had been thwarted however, when elderly residents were quick to either check the fake ID, phone the police or simply shut the door on the criminals.

On Friday 19 February 2014, following an intelligence-led investigation, they were both arrested in Tennis Road, Southwark. Officer in the case DS Lucy Carberry from Southwark CID said:

“This was a complex investigation which has concluded successfully. The suspects deliberately targeted elderly residents and I hope today’s sentences will bring our victims and their families some peace of mind.”

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