crime bulletinThe Crime Prevention Website has recently published an article reporting on the Office for National Statistics (ONS) Crime bulletin.

The information provided by the ONS’s findings showed that there has been a decrease of 14% in crimes against homes and their adult residents for England and Wales in the year up until March 2014, which is the lowest figure since the survey started in 1981. Indeed, most major crime types saw a drop in levels with theft offences falling by 10%, criminal damage by 17% and violence decreasing by 20%.

Crimes recorded by the police remained the same however, with 3.7 million incidents having been logged – figures recorded prior to this had shown continual reductions every year since 2003. Questions have been raised regarding the actual recording of offences by police, as the survey rates of criminal activities have not fallen at the same rate as recorded crimes.

The infographic ‘Crime in London’, which we originally published in May, confirms the overall pattern of the ONS’s findings for our local area of London. Although statistically crimes affecting homes are decreasing we would always encourage a continued level of security awareness and vigilance and should you require any security advice for either your home or business then please do not hestitate to contact us. For our North London office in Muswell Hill call 020 8883 1555 or our East London office in Enfield call 020 8364 2000.


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