Security Grilles

Security Grilles

Our professionally installed Security Grilles are not only aesthetically pleasing and easily adaptable to your own individual design requirements but are, most importantly, the first line of defence against potential attacks on your property and the valuable contents within.

Within the security industry it is a well-known fact that potential intruders will first attempt to exploit the most vulnerable points of access to any property. These unprotected access points such as windows and doors offer the intruder quick, quiet and easy access allowing them to swiftly enter and make their escape with as little risk or effort as possible.

Our collapsible Security Grilles are expertly designed with the thickest lattice available in such a way as to allow them to blend seamlessly within your home or work environment without being visibly obtrusive yet still providing the maximum amount of security possible.

To enquire about window or door grilles being fitted for your home or business in North London, use the contact form to email us or call 020 8883 1555.

Window Grilles

Alexandra Locksmiths install and fit attractive window grilles in North and East London, if you would like more information, visit our window grilles page or contact Alexandra Locksmiths.

Security Grilles Closed Security Grilles Half Open Security Grilles Open

Door grilles

Please get in touch with us by calling 020 8883 1555 or using our contact form for details on the door security grilles we can supply and fit.


Optional extras

  • Lift up track : collapsible gate with a hinged, lift up track. This is a fixing arm to hold the gate and track in place when it is in the open position.
  • Swivel lift up track : collapsible gate with a hinged, lift up track and swivel. This includes a fixing arm to hold the gate and track in place when it is in the open position. Collapsible gate with a removable bottom track.
  • Optional padlock fixing.

Bar Gates

We can also fit exterior bar gates. Here is an example of a 16mm round steel bar gate which we fitted alongside a 5 lever British Standard BS3621 insurance approved deadlock. The colour matches the door, and the letterbox is fully accessible:

Security Grilles Gallery

Here are some more examples of door and window grilles and gates that we have fitted.