Rim Locks & Nightlatches Available

Brtisih Standard BS3621 Insurance Approved Rim Locks or Nightlatches
Yale PBS Auto deadlocking rim lock
Era 1830/1930 Auto Deadlocking rim lock
Banham L2000 Auto deadlocking rim lock
Union (Ex Chubb) 4L67E

Auto Deadlocking Rim Locks or Nightlatches
Union 1037 and 1038 auto deadlocking rim lock or Nightlatch
Union 1097/1098 auto deadlocking rim lock or Nightlatch
Yale No 1 and No 2 auto deadlocking rim lock or Nightlatch

Drawback Rim Locks or Nightlatches
Union 1332/1334

Traditional Latch Rim Locks or Nightlatches

Standard Latch Rim Locks or Nightlatches

Deadbolt Rim Locks or Nightlatches
Ingersoll SC71 Rim lock
The Yale 82
Union 1148 and 1158 Deadbolt Nightlatch

Electric Rim lock or nightlatch
Cisa 11610 Electric Lock

Rim Locks & Nightlatches FAQs

What does auto deadlocking mean?
Auto deadlocking is available on certain rim locks or nightlatches and it deadlocks the latch when the door is in the closed or shut position preventing the lock or door from being slipped open. It is generally a standard feature on mid to high quality locks.

What is a strike plate or keep?
A strike plate or keep is a metal plate fitted to the door frame which accepts the latch or bolt of the rim lock or nightlatch. Reverse strike plates or keeps are available for outward opening doors.

What is a Lockable handle for rim locks or nightlatches?
Some rim locks or nightlatches are available with lever handles that may be locked internally or without an internal key for egress versions. Deadlocking versions prevent someone from reaching in through the letterbox or broken glass and operating the lever handle.

What is a snib function?
A snib function allows the latch or bolt to be locked into position or held back into the body of the lock.

What is a draw back lock?
A drawback lock is a rim lock or nightlatch with a latch and deadbolt. The latch is withdrawn by a key from the outside and handle from the inside which is pulled to the left or right. The deadbolt is locked or unlocked from either side with a key.

What is a latch?
The latch is the part of the rim lock or nightlatch which enters the strike plate or keep and keeps the door closed. Some rim locks or nightlatch latches can be deadlocked by the key from the outside when the door is closed. Some also have snibs to hold the latch back or locked in position.

What is a electric Rim Lock or Nightlatch?
A Electric rim lock or nightlatch can be opened by an entry system to allow remote opening.

What does the backset of a rim lock or nightlatch mean?
The backset is the distance from the edge of the door to the centre of the key hole. The two backsets commonly found in the UK is a 40mm and 60mm, but there are other backsets on the market. Most rim locks or nightlatches are produced in both 40mm and 60mm.

What does keyed alike mean?
Keyed alike means you can have more than one lock working on the same key.