Installing window security grilles is an extremely effective way of securing your windows and protecting your property. Window grilles are not only a visual deterrent, they make breaking into somewhere a very difficult challenge. Most burglars wouldn’t attempt this and if they did, it would take them a very long time to gain access.

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The standard collapsible window security gate lock has a 7 pin tubular key. To lock, simply push the barrel. Can be keyed alike to other locks of the same style on the same or different grilles.

The other option is the Adams Rite ms2200 hook deadlock with a key operated euro profile cylinder. Can be keyed alike to other locks of the same style on the same or different window grilles.

The wheels are manufactured from, durable plastic or alternatively cast alloy. It’s sits neatly on the tracks for a smooth operation when closing the gates.
The ‘z’ strip is an anti-jemmy strip, which is located on the reverse of the gate, to prevent a forced entry and is attached using heavy tubular rivets. Size 51 mm x 3mm.
Standard colours white,black,green,yellow,red,blue.

Below is an example of a window grille we fitted to a kitchen window in a residential property in Muswell Hill:

Here is another example of a window grille. This is a 16mm round bar grille, and the customer chose Alexandra Locksmiths to carry out the work because we were able to match the colour of the grille to the existing paintwork:

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Map of where Alexandra Locksmith installs window grilles in London

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