Locksmith & Security Advice

As part of our locksmith services, we can provide you with expert advice on how to secure your property.

Long gone are the days when having one simple lock on a front door constitutes a substantial measure of protection.

Some people avoid taking security measures because they believe that nothing can stop a determined burglar from gaining entry, or they believe that they do not own anything worth stealing. However, in many cases burglars don’t break into a building because they know certain items are inside, but rather because the building is easy to enter. Unless a building has been targeted by a highly professional criminal, simple and inexpensive measures can be taken to greatly reduce the risk of an unlawful break-in. Nearly everyone owns something a burglar will consider worth stealing.

However, protection of property is not the only reason for taking security measures, danger to persons inside the building is an ever greater consideration. If anyone is inside a building when a burglary occurs, they could be attacked or even killed. And in many cases burglars cause a lot of damage to a property.

The following security tips are useful as basic guidelines.


Security Tips and Tricks

  • Avoid leaving labelled packaging for expensive purchases, such as TVs or computers by bins outside your home. This advertises the valuables that you have within your home, so these should be hidden from view.
  • When you are going away on holiday or for several days, set your hall or landing lights to switch on automatically at night using a timer. This gives the appearance that the house has not been left empty.
  • If you live on a ground floor or your windows are easily accessible, consider having an unobtrusive window grille installed for added security.
  • Ask a neighbour or friend to open your curtains or blinds for you during the day if you are away on holiday and close them again at night.
  • Always make sure your doors and windows are locked when leaving your home. The keys should be kept out of view and away from letterboxes, which a thief could potentially use to reach them. Browse our recommended door and window locks to see the options available to you.
  • Never leave a spare key in an obvious place, like under your doormat. Flowerpots are also common hiding places so are best avoided. If the worst does happen and your key is lost or stolen, then contact our fully qualified locksmiths for lock change and key replacement advice and services.
  • If you home or workplace contains valuable items, it is worth buying a safe to protect them. These days, safes are available in plenty of different sizes and will suit all budgets. See our guide to choosing the right safe for you.
  • As with other doors – keep your garage door closed and secured when you are not using it with a garage door lock.
  • Invest in outdoor lighting such as an LED floodlight so that trespassers will be startled and easily seen by your neighbours. This should be positioned near your front or back door.
  • Finally – never write your name and address on your keyring. If your keys are lost or stolen, this tells a potential thief exactly where the key can be used. For a safer alternative to conventional keys, enquire about our range of EVVA security keys.