Union 1332/1334 Lock

The Union 1332 and 1334 rim lock or Nightlatch are one of the only drawback locks on the market. The lock body comes in a Electro brass, white and champagne green finish and the cylinder is available in a brass, satin chrome or polished chrome finish.

Latch and deadbolt locking feature
Latch can be held back by anti clockwise turn of handle whilst bolt is withdrawn.

Latch is withdrawn by handle from inside and key from outside.
Deadbolt is locked by key from inside and outside
One full turn of the key clockwise from the inside keyway on the body of the lock or the cylinder from the outside operates first throw of bolt and a second full turn double throws the bolt.

Alexandra Locksmiths have recently fitted the Union 1332 and Union 1334 locks in Archway N19 and E4 Chingford.

Union 1332 and 1334