Yale Security Spring Clean

Following on from our post earlier this month about outdoor security, we think it’s worth highlighting Yale’s new Security Spring Clean campaign. It’s a major consumer security campaign designed to encourage homeowners to incorporate a check of their home security into their annual spring clean, with advice such as “change the locks on all external doors and windows,” “update your letterplate to avoid fishing crime,” and “check your burglar alarm is in good working order.”

They also remind consumers to use the security they already have. You can have the best locks in the world, but if you leave the front door unlocked while you’re out in the back garden you may as well not have locks at all! A massive 60% of burglaries involve entry through the front door, so make sure you lock up.

Checking the security you already have in place is an important step that should be carried out periodically – the last thing you want is to rely on a system that fails when you need it most. We heard recently about a business owner who had installed his own CCTV – it seemed to work initially, so he left it recording and didn’t think about it again. Much later, when there was an incident at his premises and he needed to view the footage, he discovered the system had stopped recording more than a month previously. This could have been avoided with regular checks.

The campaign is supported by an on-going programme of promotional activity in national and regional press, as well as on social media. Yale has also produced a Security Spring Clean infographic and home security checklist.

Yale Spring Security Checklist

Hannah Adkins, Marketing Executive at Yale, said: “The annual spring clean is the perfect time for homeowners to undertake a simple audit in order to check their home’s security is up to scratch. Our Security Spring Clean campaign provides locksmiths with the tools to maximise springtime sales and helps build awareness of home security issues.”

Are there aspects of your home security that you know need to be “spring cleaned”? Don’t leave it too late! Follow the checklist above and call us if you need any help, or ask for our free no-obligation security survey.