The professional installation of high quality Window Grilles is an excellent way to add real protection to your home from burglars and other unwanted intruders.

The windows on any property are a prime and favoured target for potential intruders for obvious reasons, if they are not properly protected even the most unskilled criminal can gain fast, covert access to the interior of your home and its contents.

While Window Grilles are an excellent deterrent that will literally prevent any possibility of intruders gaining access to your property through the windows there are some other helpful tips to ensure that you make your home as undesirable a target as possible for thieves.

  • Always lock all doors and close all windows (Lock if possible) when you go out.
  • All external doors should have at least one high quality locking mechanism (5 Lever Mortice Deadlocks) are recommended for this purpose.
  • Ensure PVC and metal framed doors are installed with high quality locks and a fitted security chain.
  • Ensure Patio doors have specially designed locks fitted top and bottom. (a reputable Locksmiths will properly advise you on this issue)
  • Keep garden sheds, garages and outbuildings locked and properly secured at all times.
  • Never leave spare keys outside or in any of the outbuildings that you have, no matter how secure they are.
  • Keep car keys out of site within the home and nowhere near any external doors or windows.
  • Never leave window or door keys in their locks.
  • Always draw your curtains or lower blinds at night and ensure that all valuable items cannot be easily viewed from the exterior.
  • Fit high quality Window Grilles to all downstairs windows for complete peace of mind.

If you are considering properly protecting your home and family with high quality Window Grilles contact us today.