Why you should always change the locks when moving into a new home.

Changing locks when moving house or after losing keys can be a hassle, but think of it as an investment that will result in peace of mind and potentially avoid unpleasant and unnecessary experience.

Did you know that a worrying 20% of people keep keys to their old home after moving?

And 66% give keys to family, friends, neighbours, builders, cleaners and childminders.

There is no way of knowing if all of these keys have been returned and that no further copies have been made without the previous owners knowledge.

One in five homeowners keeps a key hidden within ten feet of the front door. The most common being beneath a garden rock, under a plant pot, under a doormat and under cars.  You could have a spare key right under your nose and not know about it.

A worrying 14% admit to not changing the locks to their home if their keys have been lost or stolen.

Not only could a burglar let themselves into your home but they could also steal the keys to your car and make off with that too.

It is important to remember that if there are no signs of forced entry into your home your home insurance will not pay out.

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