The brand Chubb is leaving us


Why the change is happening.

When the acquisition of Yale Intruder Group from William Holdings was structured in 2000, this was part of a large,global deal with many facets and elements. As with any large ,complex negotiation there had to be ‘give and take’ to facilitate closure of the deal.

One of those negotiations involved the rights to the Chubb brand and, as part of the deal closure, it was agreed that ASSA ABLOY would retain the right to use the Chubb brand under licence from Chubb plc for a range of products that was available in the wider market.

This licence was to run for 10 years until August 2010 and included famous ranges such as 3G, 3K and 3C series. The licence agreement also stipulated that neither ASSA ABLOY, nor Chubb plc, could market Chubb locking products to the wider market place for a period of 100 years after August 2010.

A separate licence from Chubb plc enabled ASSA ABLOY to sell and market a range of products specifically for custodial markets until 2100.

So from August 2010, ASSA ABLOY will no longer be able to sell Chubb brand products into the UK trade markets.

We have been informed that all the major, popular Chubb products will continue to be available – made, in the main, by the same people in the same factory.
All Chubb mortice, rim lock and padlocks will be re-branded with Union, while Yale will inherit all Chubb additional security lines.