Summer Burglaries on the rise in North London


Summer is finally here, well for this week anyway and with the warm weather there is a greater tendency to keep windows and doors open all day and also during the night to aid a better nights sleep.

Summer burglaries are on the rise and seasoned burglars are always on the lookout for an easy opportunity to gain entrance to a property and the relaxed nature of the summer months can sometimes offer exactly that.

Open windows during the night and unlocked front doors while homeowners are in the back garden are prime examples of security lapses that burglars will look to take advantage of and exploit during the summer months. Because of this, police in the UK have issued warnings to the public to keep on their guard and to take a few simple precautions to reduce any chance of being a victim of summer crime.

Some of the top home security tips for the summer include:

  • Lock side gates that give access to the garden
  • Lock any ladders or tools away
  • Make your house looked like it is occupied at all times
  • Don’t advertise your absence or holidays on social networking sites or to people you don’t know

If you have been burgled or want to take greater lengths to improve your home security this summer, talk to Alexandra Locksmith. Alexandra Locksmith can supply and install a range of security solutions from security grilles to Banham Locks.