There has been a recent spate of burglaries in Muswell Hill with the burglars breaking in through sash windows.
Alexandra Locksmiths was called to a house in Rosebery Road, Muswell Hill, North London N10.  The customer had been broken in to via their front sash window and wanted to know which locks they needed to secure a sash window.  Unfortunately the customer thought that the sash window stays were enough not only to stop someone gaining entry but insurance complaint. They were gravely mistaken.
Sash windows are an easy access point for burglars if they are not secured properly.  A lock is a device that you need a key to open and close.
The picture below shows how easily the sash window stay was snapped. We fitted sash window security window bolts to each window. They come as a pair and are fitted at the bottom corner of the window. By hand they spin round so you need a key to open and close them. 
Another good thing about these locks is not only can you see them from outside, but they give you the best resistance against forced attack as they are fitted face on.  They also come with a second  pair of lugs so you can have a 4-6″ ventilation gap. 
The sash window locks come in brass, satin chrome and polished chrome. 
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