Should I change my locks after the builders have gone?

At Alexandra Locksmiths we are often asked about securing a home whilst having builders in.

Many people decide not to change the locks when moving into a property if they are having builders in and then change the locks once the builders have gone, as it seems silly and unnecessarily costly to change the locks twice.

But unfortunately if you do not change the locks you will probably find that you are not insured.

You can never be sure of how many people actually have keys to your property and who the previous owner/owners have given spare keys to.  It could be neighbours, builders, cleaners, nannies, ex-partners, friends, family members, tenants, the list is endless.  And if there are no signs of forced entry your insurance company will not pay out on a claim.

So what is the best solution?

At Alexandra Locksmiths we recommend the EVVA Registered Key System as it is a great idea if you are looking for high security and total peace of mind for your home or office.

We issue you with a special key which has a unique code on the reverse side of the key.  This information is logged on our database and only you can provide us with a list of people that you want to be able to get duplicate keys cut. 

Unauthorised persons will not be able to get keys cut.  So you can give a key to a builder, cleaner, gardener, tenant etc. knowing that they will be unable to get another key cut, giving you total peace of mind.

Alexandra Locksmiths has its own registered key system which is exclusive to us, meaning that keys are cut and issued by us and no other locksmith.

We supply and install all types of locks, security gates, security grilles, collapsible grilles, intercom systems, access control and safes.  We cover London and the surrounding areas. 

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