Rise in London Burglaries and Robberies Tackled with Police Raids

Over the past year, the Met police say that domestic burglaries have risen by 14% in London and robberies have risen by 11% on last year’s figures. Forty eight people have been arrested across London in a series of raids to target the rise in robberies and burglaries in the city. The operation, named ‘Operation Target’, has been the largest such operation carried out by police in this area and it is expected to run for six months or more. The worst hit areas for crime make up just 2% of the city but are home to a third of London’s muggings and 15% of residential burglaries.

The raids aiming to stamp out burglaries across London involved more than 1,500 police officers and took part on Wednesday. The operation on that day recovered 3 shotguns, a revolver and seized drugs. At one address alone, 100 stolen mobile phones were found. At another location in North West London, close to 100 cannabis plants were found. The arrests on that day are on suspicion of offences including possession of firearms, burglary, supply of drugs and theft. As a result, there will be now also be increased patrols in key areas. Specialist investigation teams will also help trace and arrest known or suspected robbers and burglars.

The officer leading Operation Target, Commander Maxine de Brunner pointed out that this latest operation should have a long term effect on reducing crime including anti-social behaviour in the worst hit areas for crime in London.