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Internet linked device manager - Alexandra Locksmiths, LondonInfoworld and TechHive have recently reported on the potential security risks of ‘smart’ homes. Homes that have many electrical remote control devices such as automatic light switches, door openers, software to restock your fridge, music playing devices etc all rely on an internet connection to manage these tasks. As well as a complicated internal wiring circuit. Other features that may well be built into these circuit systems are the very things that home owners will rely on to protect their belongings, such as burglar alarms and CCTV systems. But what if something was to go wrong? Could a simple power cut be enough to prevent you from opening your front door?

It would seem so. Worst still, there is a potential security risk with the mere fact that these gadgets are all operated via the internet and cloud based technologies. Thus potentially allowing anybody the ability to hack the system, and either change settings on your devices or view your home through your CCTV!

Practice principal at HP Fortify On Demand, Daniel Miessler spoke with reference to their monitoring systems …

 “Understand the sensors that are at play on the device,” said Miessler. “So, for example, does your TV have a camera that’s facing out? Where is it facing—the entire living room? The bedroom?” Whenever you deploy something with sensors in your home, you’re raising your risk of unauthorized access. 

Alexandra Locksmiths offer security advice in LondonAlexandra Locksmiths have previously reported on the potential security risks of having CCTV systems in your home and you can read in more detail about how to try and protect you and your family more here.

How you can tighten up security

  • Keep networks seperate – If your lighting system and door openers go down for what ever reason, you will still have access to your Burglar alam.
  • ALWAYS change the default factory set password and username
  • Keep your internet security up to date on your main system computer
  • Be careful exactly who you let handle the devices
  • Study your bills for internet usage – This may well alert to outside interference.

If you have any further concerns regarding the security of your burglar alarm system or wish to have a burglar alarm fitted, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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With thanks for the use of the photograph of an internet linked device manager to Jan Prucha CC BY-SA 3.0