Alexandra Locksmiths were called by a customer in Hornsey, London N8, their locks needed to be changed urgently after discovering a scam that had been going on for months.

Our customer had been working from home when the postman called at the door, he told our customer that a man had just been outside and asked him for the post.  Luckily the postman was vigilant and was quite sure that the man didn’t live at the address and didn’t give the post to him but instead immediately alerted our customer.

The post contained credit card statements and when he opened them he found out that he was thousands of pounds in debt, his identity had been stolen but couldn’t work out how.

He lived in a house that had been converted in to two flats.  Months earlier the lady who lived in the flat above him had left her keys in a mini cab after coming home from a party.  She had the locks changed to her flat door but not to the communal door and she didn’t tell him that she had lost the communal door keys.

It later transpired that the identity thief had been letting himself into the communal area for months and taking the statements whilst our customer has out at work racking up thousands of pounds on credit cards and it was only that the postman had been vigilant that he had found out.

If you loose your keys you should always change your locks as you never know who had got your keys.

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