Alexandra Locksmiths security door furniture
Alexandra Locksmiths security door furniture
A spyhole in your door allows you to see the caller before opening your door

The Tottenham and Wood Green Independent recently reported that a pensioner in Wood Green had been the victim of a robbery after men posing as Water Board officials managed to enter his property. Whilst distracting him by requesting that he turn the bathroom taps on, the bogus callers proceeded to steal money from the man’s home. Police have stated that there have been a series of robberies and are warning local residents to be extra vigilant when answering the door to unexpected callers.

Alexandra Locksmiths would like to reiterate the importance of checking the identity of any caller at your home before allowing them entry. Some sensible precautions to take would be:

  • Have a Spyhole fitted to your door, enabling you to look at whoever is the other side of the door, without opening it;
  • If you have a security chain then ensure it is attached to the door before opening it. Ask the caller to produce their ID through the gap in the door;
  • On production of the ID, telephone and check the person is who they say they are. You can either call the appropriate official body or the Police;
  • If you are still in any doubt about how genuine your caller is, simply refuse them entry. If in doubt, keep them out!

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