An item of jewellery stolen in the violent robbery in North London on 18/06/15 | Alexandra Locksmiths
An item of jewellery stolen in the violent robbery in North London on 18/06/15 | Alexandra Locksmiths
One of the rose gold and pink sapphire earrings stolen from Mrs Nathan’s home on 18/06/15

The Evening Standard have recently reported on a violent burglary that occurred in North London. During the crime, two women were badly beaten by two assailants that had forced their way in to the home situated on a road off Meadway, close to Hampstead golf course.

The attack happened on 18th June 2015. At 09:30am Mrs Deborah Nathan answered the door to her home. At the time of the incident, only Mrs Nathan and her female friend were at the house. The mother of four tried to prevent the men from entering her home.

Mrs Nathan said “I was pushing them out but they were so aggressive, they overpowered me … They pushed me on the floor and said, ‘Keep quiet and nothing will happen.’ … Then they kicked me in the stomach. I shouted to warn my friend but they pulled her down the stairs and smashed her head against a banister which broke off from the force … They were pushing us down and then put tape over our mouths.”

Mrs Nathan had hosted a party attended by over 700 guests, to celebrate the bar mitzvah for her son. She informed the Evening Standard reporter that during the attack, she had removed the tape from her mouth and then pleaded with the men not to take her son’s bar mitzvah presents.

“One of them kept watch while the other went upstairs. He didn’t ask me to show him where everything was. It was like he knew where everything was.” Mrs Nathan stated.

Upstairs of the 6 bedroom home, was the family safe. The safe contained family heirlooms and Mrs Nathan’s jewellery including a pair of rose gold and pink sapphire earrings. (See picture above)

Mrs Nathan commented further about her ordeal …

“He went straight there and took the safe, which took three people to bring it up when we had it fitted.  He carried it down on his own … I said, ‘Please don’t take my son’s presents.’ … They picked up my head by my hair and kicked me in the face.”

After the crime, the men alighted in a black Peugeot car with a silver skull on the gear knob. They drove off towards the North Circular ring road. 49 year old Mrs Nathan and her 38 year female friend had both been left with “horrendous” injuries.

“I looked horrible, with a black eye and a swollen face — I was in agony for a week … I was a really trusting person but now I feel very uncomfortable and nervous.” commented Mrs Nathan.

After the event the Nathan family have installed a CCTV system and household security system. Both Mrs Nathan and her friend that had also been attacked, now wear panic buttons.

Police are appealing for any witnesses to the raid on the Nathan’s family home to come forward. The attackers are described as about 6 feet tall, lean with a muscular build and both were black. They both wore black donkey jackets with a yellow fluorescent stripe on each side of the jacket.

Details of some of the stolen items include a bracelet that had been passed down to Mrs Nathan from her Grandmother and a watch that had belonged to her late Father-in-law. The earrings (pictured above) are one of only four pairs like them, in the entire country.

Detective Constable Matt Beavis of Barnet CID stated …

“This was a vicious attack on two women … Police would like to hear from anyone with information about this incident or may know where these earrings are so they can be returned to their rightful owner.” 

Anyone with any information regarding the attack should either call Barnet CID on 101 or alternatively, you can anonymously contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.