Pickpocketing campaign ‘putpockets’ launched as 1,700 people targeted every day

The British Transport Police and the crime fighting charity Crimestoppers are launching a campaign called #putpockets following a sharp increase in pickpocketing and personal theft on public transport.

Figures show that at least 1,700 people every day have a valuable item stolen from their pockets or bags.

The surge is thought to be a reflection of more people carrying smartphones and tablets in their pockets and in bags whilst using public transport. This figure has risen 16% in the last year from thefts at stations and on trains.

The campaign shows footage of a magician who spent years a pickpocket putting leaflets into peoples pockets.  There are three types of leaflets which are designed to look like a smartphone, a tablet and a wallet which are the placed into a bag or pocket.  The would be victims then find the leaflet and realise how easy it had been for a potential pickpocket to dip into their bag or pocket without them realising.

This is a real crime happening right now and it is hoped to help people to protect themselves as well as letting the pickpockets know that they are being watched.

It is though that the old fashioned posters that advise ‘Pickpockets operating in this area” encourage people to pat their pockets to feel for their items and a pickpocket now knows exactly where they are hiding their valuables.

The campaign was launched in two major cities in the UK and is hoping to be spread across the rest of the country.

Nowadays we store lots of information on our smartphones and tablets including our address, bank details, calendar.  It is much easier for a burglar to find out where live and when we’ll be out.

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