Official security advice from the Police 2.

In this document we will supply you with further professional locksmith and police recommended security advice for your property which follows on from our previous document titled “Official security advice from the Police 1.”

This valuable advice includes the importance, in many circumstances, of installing professionally fitted window grilles for excellent added security and peace of mind.

Security advice for the front and rear of your property.

It is advisable to prevent easy access from the rear and the sides of your property by installing secure locked gates, 2 meter (minimum) walls and or fencing. The addition of Trellis on the tops of walls and or fencing is also very beneficial as it makes climbing very hard for the intruder.

The addition of high quality hardware and locks to garage doors, sheds and outbuildings is also highly recommended for outdoor security.

When advised the professional installation of secure window grilles is highly advisable to enhance the security of your property.

Other professional advice includes securely locking all doors and windows when leaving the property and never leaving keys in an area/place that is easily accessible or obvious for an intruder to locate.

This advice does, on the face of it, seem obvious but it is very easy to forget these measures when in a hurry and potential intruders really do know where to look.

If you are considering enhancing the security of your property with window grilles or any of our other high security devices contact us.