Official security advice from the Police 1.

There are no better qualified people to give you reliable security advice for your property than a professional locksmith or the police. The installation of 5 Lever Mortice deadlocks is just one of many important reasonably priced security measures that you can embrace to protect your property, family, valuable possessions and yourself.

Door and Window Security advice.

Whether you have to completely replace an existing door (it is recommended that you install a new “door set”, the complete assembled frame and door, certified to British Standard PAS 24-1 – Doors of Enhanced Security) or wish to upgrade the locks on your existing doors, both professional locksmiths and the Police recommend the use of 5 Lever Mortice deadlocks.

Replacement doors should be strong enough to resist the force of someone trying to kick them in and windows should be certified to British Standard BS7950 “Windows of Enhanced Security.”

The installation of laminated glass is also recommended for both windows and doors as they are vulnerable to attack and the laminated glass will prevent the glass shattering when an intruder attempts to gain entry to your property.

When installing patio doors it is highly recommended that you ask for the sliding section to be on the inside and to also request the use/installation of anti-lift blocks.
Door specifications should include:

Rim locks that are screwed to the face of the door and latch automatically when you close the door, unless held open with the snib, should be tested to BS: 3621 standard.

The lock cylinders of Multi-Point locking devices that involve several hooks or bolts holding the door into the frame should be tested to BS EN 1303 Grade 3 standard.

Replacement lock cylinders should conform to standard TS007 or Sold Secure SS312 Diamond Standard, 5 Lever Mortice deadlocks are a perfect solution for this particular task.

If you are thinking of enhancing your home security with the installation of 5 Lever Mortice deadlocks contact us.