National Home Security MayDay

Yale National Home Security MayDay

Alexandra Locksmiths were proud to support Yale National Home Security Month in October 2013, and although it’s an annual event, Yale believe (just as we do!) that every month is a good time to think about home security! 26th May is National Home Security MayDay. The idea behind this is that as many as 45% of us embark on DIY projects on the Spring bank holiday, and Yale are going to be offering suggestions and tips to make some of those DIY projects security-related and encourage people to secure their homes ready for summer.

Although burglaries increase in the winter months due to the darker nights, burglars find many opportunities in the summer months too. We tend to open our doors and windows, and we take tools, garden furniture, barbecues, toys and outdoor equipment into our gardens and often leave them unsecured there.

And then, of course, there are the summer holidays! It’s lovely to take a but absolutely essential that you secure your home properly. Now is a good time to start thinking about this kind of thing so that you can be prepared well in advance, and although the Easter break is over, we have two more bank holidays to come before June, so why not start thinking ahead now?

You don’t need to wait for a bank holiday – here are some things you could do this weekend:

  • check your windows. If the weather is nice enough that you’ve been leaving them open during the day, don’t forget to lock them at night!
  • been gardening? Don’t forget to lock your tools away at night, even if you plan to use them again the next day. It might seem a pain but it only takes a few minutes. Don’t make your garden look tempting to thieves!
  • planning to go on holiday this summer? Is your home alarmed? If not, now could be a good time to start researching different options (we can help here! Give us a call for free advice). If your home is alarmed but you don’t tend to use the alarm, dig out the paperwork and make sure you know how it operates and what the codes are.

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