London Postcode Burglary Hotspots

It seems that London is the burglary hotspot in the UK, with half of the top 20 postcodes in the country with the highest burglary rates. A recent analysis on over 1.1 million home insurance enquiries, analysing how many of the enquiries indicated a claim for theft from the home.

However, the news is not all bad, as the top burgled postcode is Manchester, so at least we don’t feature in the top spot! But should we be worried about the high number of London postcodes in the top 20 list? Anecdotal evidence from major capital cities in the world seem to indicate that crime in any capital is typically higher than in other areas of the country, with New York being a prime example, and Paris as well experiencing more crime per 1,000 population than other areas of France.

Top of the most burgled postcode area in London is Blackheath (SE3), but Hammersmith (W6), and Finsbury Park (N4) follow close behind in spots 3 and 4 of the list, Upper Holloway, Archway (N19) is 11th, Palmers Green (N13) is 19th. Surprisingly, none of the zone 1 postcodes feature on the list. You would suppose that any burglar with a bit of common sense would figure out that zone 1 residents are usually the richest, and therefore robbing their houses would yield the most booty for the same amount of effort! But perhaps zone 1 residents are wise to the threat and have the financial resources to kit themselves out with top of the range locks, state of the art alarm systems, and in some cases, personal guards.

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