It is an unfortunately well-known fact within our industry that the vast majority of home owners do not actually have any idea of the precise type of locks that are fitted to their doors and windows.

The ownership of a locking device that insurance companies deem to be insufficient and bellow the required standard to protect your home will invalidate any insurance claim that you make after a burglary.

The installation of a 5 lever mortice deadlock will prevent this from happening. Could this be you?

If asked insurance companies will provide you with the specifications on the minimum requirement for the type of lock that you should have to allow yourself to be covered by their policies, you will actually find these specifications within your insurance policy contract. Understandably many people are not sufficiently knowledgeable enough about these locks to be able to make an accurate determination on whether or not they have sufficient protection even after reading through the specifications supplied by the insurance company.

That is where we come in with, amongst many other reasonably priced excellent locking devices, the insurance certified 5 lever mortice deadlock.

We can offer you all the expert advice you could ever need regarding the security and insurance validity of the locks in your home and just one call to us will eventually give you the peace of mind that both you and your family require during your busy daily lives.

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