Alexandra Locksmiths have fitted an Ingersoll high security auto dead locking rim lock in brass, known as the SC71.  It was fitted on to a communal door in West Hampstead, North West London, NW6.
We recommend Ingersoll locks as they are one of the most secure locks on the current market.  They cannot be slipped from the outside and they are a very recognisable domed shaped cylinder which gives a great visual deterrent from the outside.  The cylinders are virtually un-pickable and they often have hardened components which makes drilling them out much harder.
The lock can be double locked from the outside when the door is closed and the house is empty.  Meaning that if someone was to break into your house, say through a window, they could not open the door from the inside and would be stuck.
This Ingersoll lock also comes in satin chrome and polished chrome to match your existing door furniture.
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