We’ve created an infographic to show you some interesting stats about crime in London, particularly burglary.

Click the image to view a larger version or scroll to the bottom for some information about the statistics.

Infographic - Crime In London - Alexandra Locksmiths

The infographic shows a number of statistics about crime (particularly burglary) in London:

Burglary rates in London are dropping – a 4% drop in 2013 and a further 8% drop in 2014. (Sources: london.gov.uk and the Metropolitan Police crime figures)

A recent report shows that as many as 1 in 5 crimes may not be recorded (and furthermore, an unknown number of burglaries and attempted burglaries are not reported at all). (Source: HMIC report on Crime Recording and)

12 of the 20 most burgled postcodes in 2013 were in the London area. (Source: Moneysupermarket.com)

Approximately one third of burglaries in London are committed against businesses, and the other two thirds against residential properties. (Source: the Metropolitan Police crime figures)

Under these statistics we detail a number of different ways you can protect your home:

  • Install a safe for your valuables;
  • Install security lighting to deter burglars and make darker areas more visible at night;
  • Make sure you have window locks and that you remember to lock them at night and when you go out;
  • Install a burglar alarm;
  • Make sure you have British Standard locks on your doors;
  • Install CCTV cameras;
  • Security Grilles can add an extra layer of protection for windows and doors;
  • Additional door bolts add to your existing door security;
  • Extra locks can help to secure your garage and outbuildings;
  • Padlocks offer a quick solution for gates and sheds;
  • Lock away tools, garden furniture and toys rather than leaving them out in your garden.

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