The importance of security
The importance of security
Inside the trashed warehouse

Following a recent report in the Haringey Independent, we want to highlight the importance of maintaining adequate security on your property, particularly when vacant.

The owner of a local warehouse uses the building for storing textiles for her business. The business premises was broken into and used by a large number of people to host an illegal rave. As the revellers claimed squatters’ rights when police arrived, they were by law entitled to stay at the venue until the owner had secured a minimum of eight sheriffs at a cost of £395 each and an eviction notice. The bill to rid the warehouse of the unwanted guests totalled more than £6,000 after employing the services of sheriffs, court administrators, solicitors and barristers.

Nearly a week after the initial break in, the business owner stated :

“This morning, I came down here and they were outside the warehouse. I had my camera and filmed them and said ‘you’re going to be on the BBC’ and they did just drop everything and leave.”

She added: “They’ve done this to other properties in the area. They just break in and say they’ve got squatters rights.

“They even came back to say that they’d left something in there and asked if they could come in a get it back.

“There’s nothing much we can do. We’re victims in this. They’ll leave from here and go elsewhere and do it again.”

We can’t stress highly enough the importance of securing a vacant property, especially if it’s known to be vacant and isn’t being visited regularly. Squatters will take any opportunity to enter so it’s important to make sure it’s locked down as securely as possible! It’s easy to think that there’s no real need for security if there are no contents inside that can be stolen, but the cost and legal implications of evicting squatters is something you want to avoid if you can. A little time and money spent securing an empty property can make a huge difference to your peace of mind.

Alexandra Locksmiths take the issue of security on both business and private premises very seriously. If you would like us to assist you with any security concerns then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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With thanks to the Haringey Independent for use of the photograph.