How Unscrupulous Locksmiths Hurt the Public

Illegal locksmiths cause annoyances by placing hard-to-remove stickers on private property. They further insulted residents and business owners by using fake addresses and phone number to avoid getting caught. This is a popular scam tactic for locksmiths who are in the business for the wrong reasons.

There are an unbelievable number of locksmiths who operate many different businesses under many different names and addresses. Many locksmiths place ads in yellow pages with phone numbers that connect to national call centres. The addresses they use in their ads either don’t exist or belong to abandoned buildings.

It is recommended that anybody looking for a locksmith use one who is a member of a recognised association, like the Master Locksmith Association. Taking the locksmith’s word for verification only makes your family security vulnerable. Don’t forget any locksmith you use will have access to your home, your personal belongings, private information, keys, codes, and safe combinations. If your instinct tells you there is something vague about their answers to your questions, it may be best to follow your instincts. The locksmiths who are doing business legally and who are trustworthy should not mind satisfying your curiosity about their legitimacy.

Locksmiths get away with these scams because they catch people in a jam, in a hurry, too upset to take the proper precautions, and either too lazy to take the time to check credentials or too naïve.

One way to tell if a locksmith is honest is to check if they are CRB checked and/or a member of the Master Locksmith Association. All members of the MLA carry an id card with their picture and their locksmith license number. He/she should be willing to give you the license number when you contact him/her.

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