How Important Is Your Home To You?

Securing your home

Securing your homeWith so much to lose from a burglary, from contentment to irreplaceable belongings to quality of life, not protecting your home is just not a sensible option.

Act Now or Face the Consequences Being the victim of a home burglary is actually fairly unlikely but securing your home is not about playing the odds, it is about maintaining peace of mind. Practical home security is a kind of insurance policy that improves quality of life by allowing you go about your day-to-day life without being at mercy of the ‘fear of crime’. If you have yet to invest in securing your home then it is better to act now than face the consequences. It is foolish to think that if a criminal wants to get into a home then they will find a way. A burglar is rarely a master crook, who stakes out a property for weeks in advance and plans their every move. Over 80% of burglaries are in fact committed by green opportunists taking advantage of poor security.

The Sanctuary of ‘Home’ A house is not necessarily a home. Somebody can live in a house but claim they don’t feel ‘at home’. Home is not just the place where you live, it is somewhere safe and secure to take refuge from the outside world and recharge your batteries. It is something that almost everybody needs or craves.

The importance of protecting the home is therefore not just about protecting your property and worldly goods, it is about defending the sanctuary of home.

Shattered Sanctuary When a house is burgled and items such as the TV, stereo and computer are stolen, they can usually be replaced fairly easily, but the feeling of home is much harder to restore, if ever. When considering security for a property people naturally think about protecting the physical things, but the victims of burglaries are actually usually less concerned by the loss of their beloved television than the disturbing feeling of having had a stranger roam about their home and root through their private belongings. It is a feeling that can take a long time to dissipate. When a house is burgled, the sanctuary of the home, the feeling of being safe and relaxed, is shattered.

Learning from the Experience Being the victim of a home burglary is a traumatic experience that you are unlikely to forget, but by that point it is too late. The most important thing you can do then is to learn from it, and make sure it never happens again. Some people naively believe that if they’ve been ‘cleaned out’ by a break-in then at least it’s unlikely to happen again. On the contrary, it is much more likely to happen again. The burglars know that most people have home insurance and so will replace all the missing items with brand new models in a short time, and they also know house’s security weakness.

Ultimately if you want to get on and enjoy your life without worrying about being burgled, then it is much better to invest in crime prevention than be forced into finding a cure.