Holiday season is kicking in again and people throughout the country are leaving the English summer rain and their homes behind as they seek a sun filled holiday.
Holiday season is notorious for an increase in burglaries as have-a-go lucky burglars look to cash in on homeowners who leave there homes unoccupied whilst away.

Because of this, police have sent out a warning and advised the public to make sure that their homes appear occupied whilst they are away on holiday.

Police chiefs in London this week were quoted saying “No one wants to return home to a nasty shock after their holiday, which is why building home security into holiday plans is extremely important”.

Some useful tips we recommend homeowners include:

  • Do not leave keys in a place where a burglar could find them like under a door mat or in a plant pot.
  • Let a trustworthy neighbour know you will be away so that they can check for a build up of any mail, parcels or newspapers that could be a sign that you are not in the property. Neighbours can also check out for any suspicious behaviour or unfamiliar people and cars lurking about.
  •  Keep valuables, money & jewellery in a safe or take them with you. If a burglar does manage to break in, you want to keep the damage to a minimum and protect priceless jewellery & valuables

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