Garden time

So the weather has finally changed and we are all enjoying some well deserved sunshine and some relaxing time in our gardens. This is a good time to remember that our front and rear gardens are a good access point to burglars. It is important to know that burglars are usually opportunists and often lazy so it’s a good idea not to make life easy for them.

A nice prickly hedge may be all the protection you need. If you already have a hedge or bush in your front garden remember to keep it trimmed to a maximum height of approximately one meter as a burglar can use a higher hedge or bush to hide behind and conceal their activity.

If you’re planning a trip to the garden centre soon, here are a few spiky and thorny plants to keep in mind: Blackthorn, Blue Spruce, Brambles, Chinese Jujube, Creeping Juniper, Common Holly, Giant Rhubarb, Juniper, Pines, Pyracantha and Shrub Roses.

Some burglars will even be satisfied with some of your expensive garden ornaments, so remember to keep them covered, put away any gardening tools as these could also be stolen or used as a tool to break into your house, shed or outbuilding. Also check with your insurance company to see if your outdoor items are covered on your household policy.

Think about installing a security light in the front and rear gardens which will detect any movement and a very bright light will come on.

And finally if you have an allotment please be advised that allotment burglaries are on the rise and to keep everything locked away as safely as possible.

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