Fake bomb stunt asks questions of Olympic Security

Just over a week ago, the team behind the London Olympics held their first official event, the opening of the Olympic stadium.

On the surface, the event seemed to be a huge success and went according to plan. But the next day the Sun on Sunday newspaper published a story about how a worker at the Games had smuggled a fake bomb device in and out of the stadium park to highlight a loophole in the tight security.

The man, who has been working for Locog (the Olympic Games organisers) for a number of years, was able to carry an artificial bomb in his digger through two checkpoints without being searched.
The worker told the Sun newspaper that he had concerns over security when he realised he was only being searched in the morning when entering the site. He could quite easily leave the site and come back without being searched.

Since the incident, the Government has ordered an inquiry into the London Olympic Park’s security.