Do you have jewellery lying about your home? Lock it in a Safe says Alexandra Locksmiths


Recent figures from a leading insurance company suggest that there is approximately £2,000 worth of jewellery just lying around in our homes.
A perfect opportunity for a burglar as jewellery is valuable, lightweight and easy to steal and it also has a high resale value for the burglar. 
Most jewellery is of sentimental value to us, be sure to lock your jewellery away in a Safe

At Alexandra Locksmiths we offer a wide ranges of safes for home and office use in various sizes.  These can be fitted in a cupboard, on a shelf, under a desk or simply bolted to a solid floor or wall, protecting your valuables and important documents from opportunist type break-ins.

Choose between a traditional dial combination and key operated safe or a more modern digital safe, whatever suits your needs.

Insurance ratings of between £2,000 and £20,000 cash.

Selecting the right safe

There are 3 steps to select the right safe for your home,business or organisation.

1. Grade
Safes vary not only in size but also in the degree of protection they offer against attack.  This is known as the grade.  Each Grade is awarded an ‘Overnight Cash Rating’ by insurance companies.  The rating for jewellery and valuables is up to 10 x cash rating.  The recommended ratings are those normally awarded but it is important that you check with your insurance company or broker since the type of premises, location and other security measures may make a difference.  Positioning of the safe, type of premises, location and other security measures may also affect ratings.

2. Size
In each grade there are at least a couple of sizes, always take into consideration the location,weight and accessibility when choosing your safe.

3. Locking Options
All safes come with a key operated lock as standard. You can also have the option of dial and digital locking. It is personal choice which one you choose, some customers have said they don’t like having a key lock safe because the key is instantly recognisable on your key ring, when others are concerned with remembering another set of numbers to open the safe along with alarm code, credit and debit cards etc.

Two of the most popular safe manufactures are Guardian Safes & Burton Safes.

For more information on Safes please call Alexandra Locksmiths on 020 8883 1555 or 020 8364 2000 or visit or website