CCTV Helps Capture Burglars in London

Alexandra Locksmiths - London

London24 have reported earlier today about the Draughts cafe in Haggerston’s Acton Mews, the first board game cafe in London. The Hackney Cafe was closed for Easter but sadly, during the Easter break, the premises had been targeted by burglars. The culprits committed the crime on Bank Holiday Monday.

Fortunately for the business, the CCTV system that had been installed, caught some clear footage of the offenders, as we can see …

Alexandra Locksmiths - London
Burglars caught in the act at Draghters Cafe


The Cafe had stated that unfortunately the burglars had made off with “quite a bit” but the staff were hoping to reopen the business premises on the Tuesday night. Posting on Twitter “Fun will prevail!

The CCTV footage will hopefully help the Police to catch the burglars, although anybody with any information regarding the crime is asked to call the Police on 101. Haggerston Police Station can be contacted directly on 020 8721 2764 or via email

Alexandra Locksmiths would like to reiterate to business and home owners alike that if you have a CCTV system installed, always ensure that you update the security passwords. Never leave the factory default security in place when using any equipment to protect your place of work and/or your home. You can read in more detail about the potential security risks of not changing your CCTV password here.

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With thanks to Draughts Cafe for the use of the CCTV footage. Alexandra Locksmiths most sincerely hope that the culprits are caught as soon as possible.