Burglars ‘Using Social Media To Find Targets’

A recent survey suggests that the majority of burglars are using social media websites to help them target their victims.

Over 75% of convicted burglars questioned said sites like Google street view play a massive part in them planning their entrance and escape routes, while Facebook and Twitter – where users ‘check in’ to locations – are also a very good source of information. A security expert has said “Burglars are analysing what’s going on”.

A social media expert has also said, “They can see people’s status updates, with people on Twitter saying ‘I’m away on holiday having a great time’. If they know where you live it’s like an open invitation.”

A former burglar has admitted: “We’re living in the age of the digital criminal and people are taking advantage of social media to access information about would-be victims. “We’ll tell them even when we’re going away on holidays. We will let them know that we’re not in. We’re inviting them… round to our house.”

Experts say, People are giving burglars too much information on Facebook and Twitter, like, ‘having a great time on holiday’ and ‘just landed and looking forward to two weeks of sun’.

A report by Friedland Security’s UK Home Security said, As well as using social media sites, a fifth admitted to monitoring homeowners daily routines before committing their crimes. The survey of 50 convicted burglars also found that the average burglary only lasted 10 minutes, but a home with very little security could be broken into within two minutes. They also admitted that the average burglary can net them nearly £500, with jewellery, cash and small electrical goods the main target, although others targeted documents such as passports, driving licences, bank statements and credit card bills, for use in cloning the unexpected victims.

In our opinion, a visual deterrent is the best way of stopping your home being targeted. Having good quality locks on your front door is not only good in stopping anyone getting into your home but if they can see from the pavement or road that you have high security locks you have on your door and your neighbours don’t, then they will target them. Unfortunately in this day and age you have to think like a burglar. We always say to our customers, if you have three doors in front of you, one with 1 lock, one with 2 locks and one with 3 locks, which one are you going to target?

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