Locksmith for London
Locksmith for London
NB The above image is of a genuine Police Officer

On September 13th Metropolitan Police officers were called to an address in Wembley, London. They had answered a call following a report of burglary. On arrival, they spoke to the victims and were informed that one of them had been handcuffed by the perpetrators of the crime. The burglars had entered the London home wearing police uniforms, claiming that reports of drug dealing from the house had been made and that they needed to conduct a search. During the ‘search’ the pair had stolen £800 from the residents.

Alexandra Locksmiths would like to take this opportunity to urge anyone answering their door to check the identity of the caller. A genuine emergency serviceman or tradesman will always carry ID that can be checked by telephone before you allow them access to your home. Genuine police officers also carry ID and their identity can be confirmed from their badge number.

We can fit spyholes and door chains so that you can check the identity of a caller without allowing them access to your property – or any other door furniture you require. If you would like a free security check of your home or place of business then please do not hesitate to call.

For our North London office in Muswell Hill call 020 8883 1555 or our East London office in Enfield call 020 8364 2000.

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