Discarded Christmas packaging

Barnet police are advising residents that crime often rises over the Christmas period, and have warned that as burglary is a crime of opportunity, Christmas presents can be a huge temptation for criminals. Alexandra Locksmiths have heard of an incident recently in another part of the country where an elderly couple had their Christmas presents stolen while they were in the house, because they were upstairs, the front door had been left unlocked, and the burglar seized the opportunity.

Amongst other things, Barnet police have advised residents not to leave presents on display, and not to leave discarded packaging where it can be seen by burglars. Check the opening times of your local recycling plant and consider making a short trip there instead of leaving boxes in full view of burglars.

Something as simple as drawing your curtains in the evenings as it gets dark can help to prevent burglars from getting a good look at your gifts.

As always, the message is to stay safe and sensible, lock the doors (even when you’re in the house!) and be vigilant.

The police have also advised that any valuable gifts can be registered at immobilise.com. This is a free service which allows you to register your valuables, and many burglary victims have been reunited with their stolen belongings as a result of the service.

Detective Superintendent Mark Strugnell of Barnet police said:

“I would like to reassure you that my officers are out in force, providing an increased presence across the borough over the festive season and are working hard to identify and arrest the perpetrators of these crimes. However, we can do this more effectively with your support. We ask that if you see anything suspicious or anyone acting suspiciously, please call 999 immediately. By working with us, you can help make Barnet a safer place.”