Arrests Made Over Hatton Garden Heist

Alexandra Locksmiths - Security advice for the London area
Alexandra Locksmiths - Security advice for the London area
Hatton Garden Safety Deposit Ltd – Scene of the Easter Weekend Heist.

The Guardian and the online publication London24 recently reported on the arrests of men in connection with the Hatton Garden Heist. The crime took place over the Easter weekend earlier this year. Reportedly, £60 million of diamonds were stolen along with many other items of high value. The hoard had been taken from security deposit boxes within the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Ltd company vault. The thieves had forcibly opened the shutter doors into the basement, following a climb down the the lift shaft and had then gained access to the vault, using a heavy duty boring drill.

On Tuesday 19th May 2015, nine men were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to burgle. Two of the men involved with the crime were arrested in Dartford, two in North London, one in East London and the other four men were detained from addresses in Enfield. The arrests involved two hundred police officers, attending twelve different locations across London and in Kent.

A statement from the Metropolitan Police said …

“Over the last six weeks Scotland Yard’s Flying Squad has worked relentlessly, supported by officers from covert policing and major crime commands, to track down those responsible, and recover what was taken.”

“An intense investigation has been undertaken to ensure the victims, the individual box owners, the small businesses and the wider Hatton Garden community can get justice.”

Police had also stated that all of the suspects were white British males, ending previous speculation that an Eastern European gang may have been responsible.

At the crime scene, the thieves had left behind a host of tools that had been used to gain entry to the safety deposit boxes. Out of 999 security containers on site, only 72 had been opened and Police are trying to establish why that is.

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With thanks to Roger W Haworth CC BY-SA 4.0 for the use of the photograph of Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Ltd.