An alternate way to protect your home

It might not be the most secure of security solutions but making the small investment in “jaggy” plants might be right for you, or it could & maybe should at the least be a small part of your overall home security.

Many of our regular readers might think we’ve lost our mind reading this, but don’t worry, Alexandra Locksmith have not decided to become a gardener. We are still a locksmith service and a major part of our job is to help keep you secure and improve your home or business security. That’s why we are telling you to plant some “jaggy plants” in your garden to help deter burglars.  It’s a simple yet effective way of improving security and it really can put off those lazy burglars from attempting to break in.

Here’s what the Met Police say: “Using jaggy bushes and plants is a way to add extra protection to your home. It can keep thieves from gaining easy access to fences or windows.”

The police also say that if the bush scratches a burglar and leaves blood, they could potentially capture them using DNA technology.

If you are concerned about your home security, contact Alexandra Locksmith. We specialise in security grilles, window grilles and a range of locks including Banham locks.