Advice on securing your PVC door

Advice on securing your PVC door.

We have seen an increase in burglaries through PVC front doors in the North London area and would suggest the following advice.

When fully locked a PVC door is quite a secure door, but if the door is just closed and not locked there are numerous ways that a burglar could quickly and easily gain entry to your home.

If you are concerned about your home being broken into when you are at home, you can lock your PVC door from the inside.  You need to lock it in the same way as you do from the outside, by lifting the handle up and turning the key. This will prevent the handle from coming down. Meaning that the door is now fully locked.  But remember to remove the key from the inside and keep it near the front door but out of sight incase of an emergency.

It is also important to think about your safety incase of a fire, you should have two working smoke alarms one in the hallway and one on the landing, always keep your keys in a place that is easily accessible to you, but not a burglar.

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