crime bulletinThe Tottenham & Wood Green Independent newspaper reported recently on an investigation that they had undertaken regarding crimes in Haringey. Their findings were that crimes in the area yet to be solved total 80 per cent!

The publication opened a ‘Freedom of Information’ request and deduced that Haringey Police force have filed ‘undetected’ as the result of 79.8 per cent of their crime investigations. This means that the perpetrators of the crimes have not been prosecuted or charged. Of the unsolved crimes, 14,895 were burglaries. In the neighbouring areas of Barnet, Enfiled and Harrow, the number of  all unsolved cases are as follows:

  • Barnet –  104,309
  • Enfield – 94,141
  • Harrow – 54,964

These statistics make Barnet the area with the highest number of unsolved crime cases in the whole of North London.

On balance however, the Metropolitan police force’s budget have seen financial cuts of £600 million per year, this means that there are 65 fewer police officers in the local region. In the Autumn Chancellor’s statement, George Osbourne stated that there will be more financial cuts of £800 million a year in London.

Detective Superintendent Mr Steve Wallace has stated that the detectives in the London Borough…

“Never stop” looking for criminals relating to any crime.

He also pointed out that burglaries have dropped by 24 per cent since 2011, despite burglary levels in Haringey being some of the highest in the whole of London. Mr Wallace also said…

“The burglary total is hugely disproportionate. It’s the crime that affects the most people. The reason why detection rates for burglaries look low is because there are rarely any clues for us to progress in those cases” …”Our big emphasis is reducing the number of burglaries. While our detection rate isn’t as good as we’d like it to be, it would be fair to say we’ve put in resources to bring that down.”

“To make the biggest impact, we focus on those criminals causing the greatest harm – that’s how I set up my chess pieces.

“Some of these crimes are solved in our eyes, but for one reason or another we’ve not been able to prosecute them, for instance if the offender died, has mental health difficulties, if the victim withdrew of if there was insufficient evidence to prosecute.

“What’s important to us is to ensure we’ve got fewer victims.”

Alexandra Locksmiths reported earlier this year on the Money Supermarket statistics regarding burglaries in London and we produced an informative infographic which you can view here. Alexandra Locksmiths can advise any private resident or business owner on security for their building. We can offer many services to help with the overall security of your home and/or business premises. Having good security in place will help to reduce the chances of your property being targeting by burglars.

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