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Police are warning residents of Enfield to be aware as a prolific shed burglar has recently been released from prison and on one night alone burgled 17 sheds on one road in EN1.

Garden sheds can be a treasure trove to a burglar not only can they make off with an expensive bike or a lawn mover they may also find an array of tools to help them break into your home.  A garden spade may seem innocent enough to you but to a burglar it is a valuable tool.

The best way to secure a shed door is with a padbolt or a hasp and staple.

Windows should be fitted with key operated locks and for extra security a grille can be fitted to a vulnerable window.

To secure high value items such as bikes and lawn mowers you can get a ground anchor as long as the shed has a suitable floor, beam or joist as the anchor is screwed in and you can chain the items to it.

Battery powered alarms are an inexpensive option, they are triggered by the door opening or by a motion sensor.

Consider fitting an outdoor security light which is triggered by movement.

Remember never to leave keys to a shed or garage outside.

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