Window Grille Security – Burglary 101.

Window Grilles provide an extremely secure physical barrier between the outside and inside of your property – it`s that simple.

Although burglary is an awful violation of your property and privacy it is a very simple concept to understand from the thief’s point of view. Imagine that you are in a restaurant sitting with a group of people at the end of the table and you leave your phone on the table whilst you go to the toilet. Your friends may have had a few drinks making them relaxed and are engaged in conversation when an opportunist thief, skilled in this form of theft, takes the opportunity to quickly take your phone and walk out of the building.

Why did you lose your phone? Simple – It was there for the taking! Unprotected, vulnerable property is no different from the unattended phone to a thief skilled in that particular type of crime.

Statistics clearly prove that the vast majority of burglaries are opportunistic crimes as burglars prefer to select targets that offer them the easiest access and the best chance of carrying out their business without detection, if they see that your home is an easy target whilst they are “working” the end result is obvious; Window Grilles will prevent this easy access.

The bottom line when protecting your property, possessions and your family is this – If you had taken your phone with you to the toilet it would never have been stolen – If you physically deter burglars with professionally installed Window Grilles they will pass your property by.

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