Why Have Security Grilles?

Homes, shops, schools and workplaces make up 80% of the premises broken into. Because of the current financial climate, there are more criminals looking to http://www.site.comgamble and commit a break in. Security grilles help protect you from burglars, who are often put off by the sight off grilles.

Installing a security grill internally is the best way to secure your home as it is not just a visual deterrent. People will have to smash a window, causing an alarm to go off, before they can get to the grille. This would slow them down dramatically and most burglars would avoid even attempting this.

variety of window grilles
Security Grilles are the most effective way of securing doors, windows and any other openings at risk. They can be designed and adapted to attractively suit homes, with a variety of colours and shapes. They can also be fixed or retractable.

If you live in North London and feel concerned about security, check out our range of security grilles.