Ingersoll SC71 Automatic Deadlocking Night Latch/Rim Lock

The infamous Ingersoll SC71 Night Latch/Rim Lock has been in continuous production since the early 1970’s and still largely unchanged.

The Ingersoll SC71 is an extremely high security lock which uses a 10 lever key system, making it one of the hardest locks to pick and drill open. The Ingersoll cylinder is a domed shaped cylinder, making it easily identifiable from the outside and giving your door an instant visual deterrent to anyone walking past your door looking for a easy house to break in to.

The Ingersoll SC71 is an auto deadlocking rim lock that can not be slipped or jemmied open. It also has a reinforced bolt to resist hacksaw attack.

It can be double locked on exit by rotating the key 360 degrees, which deadlocks the handle, making the front door inaccessible to any burglar as an exit, limiting what they can carry.

The bolt can be held back by a turn of the snib, located on the side of case.

The patent for the Ingersoll SC71 registered keys has expired, making the keys readily available and it has become possible to have an Ingersoll key cut almost anywhere with varying degrees of key cutting quality. To address this, Alexandra Locksmiths can supply the Ingersoll SC71 lock with an EVVA high security registered cylinder with two keys as standard. To obtain extra keys you do not need a credit card type registration card, which is easily lost and once lost impossible to get extra keys cut resulting in you having to change the cylinder if you want any future keys, instead you just call the number on the key quoting the registration number on the other side of the key and Alexandra Locksmiths will send your keys in the post to the registered address by special delivery.

Alexandra Locksmiths are constantly fitting Ingersoll locks all over North London, especially around the Hampstead NW3, Muswell Hill N10, Totteridge N20 and >Highgate N6 areas.

Alexandra Locksmiths proud to be serving London for two decades. An approved company of The Master Locksmith Association.