Banham L2000 British Standard insurance approved rim lock

The Banham L2000 rim lock is one of only a few rim locks on the market which has achieved British Standard BS3621 status and is insurance approved. Produced by Banham of Kensington, purveyors of the finest locks since 1926. The Banham cylinder is a 6 pin, drill resistant cylinder with a patent protected key. The L2000 has a saw resistant steel bolt and is self deadlocking, meaning it automatically deadlocks when you shut the door. It also comes with a 10″ high security strike plate for the door frame, giving it better protection against forced attack. The L2000 can be keyed alike to a variety of Banham security items, and as such is often fitted in combination with the Banham M2002 mortice hook bolt. Another advantage of having Banham locks on your door is the visual deterrent it provides, which is a big part of security, making your home or office look harder to get into than your neighbours. As with everything in life you do get what you pay for, hence the price of Banham locks in general. We are constantly fitting Banham locks all over North London, especially around the Hampstead, Muswell Hill and Highgate areas.

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