Locksmith for Haringey
View of Haringey from Alexandra Palace.

Locksmith for the London borough of Haringey

Alexandra Locksmiths are your local, family run Locksmith firm for the borough of Haringey. We offer our services to businesses and private residents alike. As we are local we understand that the majority of businesses in the area – over 94% – are small to medium firms, just like us. We are fast, friendly and efficient and will attend any locksmith call out quickly. Alexandra Locksmiths have a 24/7 emergency service.

Haringey is situated within the growth corridor connecting London with Stansted, Cambridge and Peterborough and therefore is an extremely busy part of the capital. Calling out a local firm will mean that we can drive through minimum amounts of London traffic to get to you as we are on your doorstep.

Services that Alexandra offer include:

Please do not hesitate to contact us today if you need our help Tel: 020 8883 1555  or 020 8364 2000

Email: info@alexandralocksmiths.co.uk

With thanks for the photograph of Haringey :Attribution – Sweek at en.wikipedia under the GNU Free Documentation License.