Ingersoll SC71 Rim lock

Ingersoll SC71 Rim lock

The Ingersoll SC71 rim lock is one of the best locks currently on the market. The Ingersoll lock is a auto deadlocking lock and has a very distinctive dome shaped cylinder which is easily identifiable, also known as the Ingersoll SC1 cylinder. Unlike a standard Yale type rim cylinder which works using pins, normally just five, the Ingersoll SC1 uses 10 levers, making it virtually unpickable. The Ingersoll SC1 cylinder also has a hardened plate covering the inner workings giving it excellent drill resistance. The Ingersoll SC71 is also torque resistant and tamper resistant. Although not cheap the Ingersoll SC71 rim lock gives you, your family, your home or business peace of mind with its unique design, quality and security features.

The Ingersoll SC71 comes as standard with three keys and more are available on site or prior to Alexandra Locksmiths Ltd installing it. We are also able to provide a high security cylinder with a patented key section to prevent unauthorised key duplication. Ask about our Evva high security Ingersoll replacement cylinders.

Ingersoll Locks Limited was founded in 1949 and has been at the cutting edge of lock design ever since.
The Ingersoll SC71 auto deadlocking rim lock has been in production for nearly 50 years and as such is their signature product and the unique design of the lock and key are synonymous with security and quality. Alexandra Locksmiths Limited supply and install the Ingersoll SC71 rim lock across London and the home Counties and have been doing so over two decades.

The Ingersoll SC71 rim lock is available in polished brass, polished chrome and satin chrome and Alexandra Locksmiths are also able to give you the unique option of having split colours, ie a polished brass SC71 with a polished chrome SC1 cylinder.

The Ingersoll SC1 cylinder can be replaced giving you new keys if you have just moved into a new property, have lost your keys or just want to know you are the only person with keys for your Ingersoll lock, without the cost of replacing the whole Ingersoll lock.

If you are locked out of your Ingersoll lock, Alexandra Locksmiths Ltd have over two decades of experience with the Ingersoll lock and will endeavour to get you back into your property with as little hassle and damage as possible to your Ingersoll lock.

Ingersoll have also designed a rim lock ideal for communal doors which the same build quality and strength of the SC71 and meets fire regulations with regards a shared front door in the Ingersoll SC73 auto deadlocking rim lock. It has all the features of the SC71 but you are unable to lock the handle and can be fitted with a purpose made electric release to suit all intercom systems.

The high quality of the Ingersoll brand also offer a range of high-security Mortice locks, Rim locks, Padlocks, door accessories and window locks, Ingersoll is the locksmiths lock brand of choice.

Supplied with solid box staple/keep with reinforcing peg
Suitable for inward and outward opening doors

Deadbolt is automatically thrown when door is closed.
Handle is locked by extra turn of the key from outside.
Bolt can be held back by turn of snib on side of case.

Alexandra Locksmiths Ltd have recently fitted the Ingersoll SC71 lock in Hampstead NW3, Muswell Hill N10, Highgate N6 and Saint Johns Wood NW8 to name just a few.

Ingersoll SC71 Rim Lock Ingersoll SC71 Rim Lock Ingersoll SC71 Rim Lock